April 4, 2014
Where’s the Most NYC Nightlife? Just ask Citi Bike.

I have a strange question.  Can Citi Bike tell you where to party late into the evening?  As it turns out, yes.

For each station, I looked at the % of all departures that happen between 12AM and 4AM on weekends vs all other times, and I created a map of the results, including the top five “late weekend” stations: 

This map is the nightlife of NYC through the eyes of Citi Bike.  The champions? Williamsburg and the Lower East Side.  Other late night hot-spots include Alphabet City, the West Village, the Meatpacking District, and Cobble Hill.

Here are the top 10 stations:

If you are one of those riders, be careful out there!

Data provided by Citi Bike
Map made in QGIS

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