April 24, 2014
Update: Single Fire Hydrant Nets NYC $33,000 a Year, not just $25,000

Since there was some interest on my last post on the most lucrative hydrant in NYC, I wanted to download a bit more data and update the figures.  My new download encompasses August 1, 2013 - March 26, 2014. 

So with this fresh download, thanks to NYC Open Data, we see that the second confusing hydrant on Forsyth place has moved into second place!  I also made a Top 10 list of hydrants to avoid at all costs:

The updated larger sample also shows that my smaller earlier sample underestimated the amount per year.  The new projection, based on this larger sample, is about $33,000 a year from that hydrant.

The annualized total of all Fire Hydrant parking fines?  $55 million.

Note that I am being conservative on these counts in the Top 10 table, so they are a lower bound.  The officers spell the streets many different ways, and these are just the most common spellings collapsed.  A browse through the data shows that the number might be about 10% higher if you were to hand clean the addresses.  But since my estimate is conservative, I decided it was not worth the time to clean up the data further.


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